Activities in 2016

From an activity standpoint, 2016 didn’t turn out anywhere close to plan. Though I did ride Big Bend Ranch State Park early in the year, it turned out to be my only multi day ride of the year. A short but poorly timed battle with a campylobacter infection landed me in the hospital just prior to the planned GDMBR trip. Though I recovered just fine, the threat of reoccurrence killed the trip, at least for this year. This, combined with basically no riding after October, really tanked my ride numbers for the year.

Stats for the year:

  • 68 rides (-27/-28%) for 1,258 miles (-1,164/-48%), an average of 18.5 mi/ride (-7/-27%).
  • 168 walks (+10/+6.3%) for 418 miles (+8/+2%), an average of 2.5 mi/walk (-0.1/-3.8%)
  • 0 paddles (0/0%) for 0 (0/0%) miles

As much as I’d love to ride the GDMBR this year, it is quite the logistical challenge. The window to make the ride is rather short, particularly for someone like me intending to ride it at a tourist’s pace. Then getting the green light from both the family and the employer to disappear for two months…well, we’ll see. Additionally, I’ve moved further from work, making bike commuting highly impractical, so I have the added challenge of finding time and routes to get my miles in this year.