Saddle Up!

The Surly got a new (to me) Brooks saddle for Christmas. It’s the standard B-17, antique color, with hammered copper rivets, and chrome rails. It also has the matching Challenge tool bag. Ultimately I think the tool bag will prove to be more decorative than useful.

With only about 2100 miles on the bike, this is already my third saddle. I started with a Selle Anatomica X that I really liked…until one of the rails broke. The company was exceptionally difficult to deal with about getting a replacement but eventually my LBS did the right thing and refunded the purchase price. On the basis of that customer service experience, I definitely don’t recommend Selle Anatomica.

The replacement was the stock saddle that came with the bike. Not awful, but certainly not something I wanted to ride on longer than I had to. Research, talking to friends, and surfing craigslist finally brought me to this beauty. Let’s see how she holds up.